Elected Officers

Ricky Hawblitzel, City of Santa Maria

1st Vice-President - Legislative
Cristine Gaiennie, City of Carson

2nd Vice-President - Program

3rd Vice-President - Membership

Shellie Muller, City of Vacaville

John McGirr, City of Menlo Park

President, Division 1 & 2
Rick Greenebaum, City of Berkeley

President, Division 3
Jose Zaragoza, City of Beverly Hills

President, Division 4
Cesar Lucrecio, City of Coachella

Past President

Corinne Hoffman, City of Garden Grove

Appointed Officers (Non-Voting)

Associate Member Chair
Shellie Muller, City of Vacaville

Certification Revenue Officer (CRO) Chair
Wendy Anderson, City of Pleasanton

(CRO) Librarian
Lisa Aduna, City of Orange

Sergeant at Arms/Parliamentarian
To be filled by Division Parliamentarian or State 1st Vice President.
Questions should be directed to State President

Site Selection Chair
Cristine Gaiennie, City of Carson

Web Manager
Ricky Hawblitzel, City of Santa Maria