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What is a CMRTA Associate?

Become an Associate Member to forge meaningful connections, amplify your reach, and contribute to the thriving CMRTA ecosystem. As an Associate Member, you become a catalyst for positive change by directly or indirectly enhancing the pursuits of our vibrant community. 

Unlock Your Impact:

By joining our Associate Membership ranks, you're not just a member – you're an Associate! Your role in CMRTA includes:

  • Educational Empowerment: Teach and share your expertise through classes that uplift our community's knowledge base.

  • Business Expansion: Extend your reach by gaining exposure to potential clients eager to benefit from your products and services.

  • Annual Conference Spotlight: Secure a booth space at our prestigious annual conference, where innovation and partnership reign supreme.

  • Digital Presence: Access the CMRTA website as both a resource hub and a showcase for your offerings.

  • Dedicated Showcase: Elevate your profile with a dedicated page on the CMRTA website, putting your services in the spotlight.

Who Can Join?

Our Associate Members span a diverse spectrum, including but not limited to:

  • Software Innovators: Revolutionize the industry with your cutting-edge solutions.

  • Collection Experts: Empower agencies with your mastery of debt recovery.

  • Print Pioneers: Provide bill printing excellence to elevate operations.

  • Municipal Staffing Visionaries: Fuel public sector growth through adept staffing solutions.

Associate Member Information

Discover key details about the benefits and perks of becoming an Associate Member:

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List of Associates

Explore the roster of CMRTA Associate Members.


 Tripepi Smith is a provider of marketing, technology and public affairs consulting services. Combining our years of experience in local government, technology and the marketing fields, Tripepi Smith offers a unique blend of skills to help our clients execute on their goals. The Tripepi Smith team stands ready to help you with your outreach campaigns, video production, content writing, messaging, graphic work, technology infrastructure and websites.


 The HdL Companies is a pioneer and leader of auditing, operations and revenue solutions for public agencies. HdL partners with over 700 government agencies across the U.S. and has recovered more than $3 billion in revenue for our clients. Founded by local government leaders, HdL maintains a unique government perspective and dedication to supporting clients, resulting in a 99.6% client retention rate since inception. The HdL Companies brings a comprehensive and tailored approach to maximizing and understanding public agency revenues. Partner with us to support your strategic finance objectives and experience the HdL difference.