Bruno Marchetti Award

Bruno Marchetti represented the City of Stockton in the CMBTA (now CMRTA) for many years. He served as a mentor to many revenue professionals before there was an official program. Many of the state leaders attribute their early success to Bruno's assistance and that made them want to do the same.

To honor Bruno's legacy, the State Board began a recognition program for those members who consistently demonstrate the highest ideals of the municipal revenue professional and a willingness to help their fellow revenue professionals whenever requested. This is the highest award given by the organization.

To qualify, the potential recipient must be a Certified Revenue Officer who has made a permanent improvement to the organization, state-wide. Additionally, he or she must have served two (2) years on a division board and four (4) years on the State Board. The years do not have to be consecutive. Nominations must be submitted in writing by August 31 to the State 1st Vice President.

The Bruno Marchetti Award is given at the CMRTA's annual conference. Past recipients are listed below.

Bruno Marchetti Award Recipients

1992 - Jane Harris, Fontana
1994 - Alex de Leon, Stockton
1995 - Al Capuchino, Carlsbad
1996 - Eve Feiler, Walnut Creek
1996 - Kathy Hyland, Garden Grove
1996 - Wayne & Mary Ellen Ramsey, Palm Desert
1997 - June Stevens, Del Mar
1997 - Hal Shipman, Santa Rosa
1998 - Steve Hunt, Tulare
1998 - Glen Everroad, Newport Beach
1998 - Ed Paul, Fullerton
1999 - Bernie Ries, San Luis Obispo
1999 - Pansy Welton, Ontario
2000 - Susan Oliver, Escondido
2000 - Debbie Sousa, Apple Valley
2002 - Jim Kellas, Clovis
2003 - David McPherson, San Jose
2004 - Veronica Larsen, Hayward
2004 - Darlyne Demeduk, Pleasanton
2005 - No recipient
2006 - Pam Blythe, Redding
2007 - No recipient
2008 - Leonie Crouch, Orange
2009 - Wayne Gornowicz, Santa Rosa
2009 - Mike Putnam, HdL
2010 - Robyn Zamora, San Jose
2011 - No recipient
2012 - No recipient
2013 - No recipient