The State is divided into four divisions with each division meeting quarterly for training and exchange of information. California Gold (Division 1) covers Northern California and the Bay Area (and currently the territory previously in Division 2). Midstate (Division 2) covers Central California (but is currently combined with Division 1). Metro-Insiders (Division 3) covers the Metropolitan Los Angeles Orange County areas. Desert to the Sea (Division 4) covers the remainder of Southern California.

  • Cottage Food Laws Presentation (AB1616)
    Jim Dragan, Chief Environmental Health Specialist, discussing the Cottage Food Law, (AB 1616) pertains to food production from a home kitchen. Presented at Division III quarterly meeting on March 21, 2013 in Arcadia
  • CMRTA Division III Exchange in Expertise Form
    Use this form to ask any questions at the next CMRTA Division III Meeting. Complete the form and hand it into the Registration Desk on the day of the meeting.