Al D. Capuchino Merit Scholarship

CMRTA will honor the extensive contributions of Al D. Capuchino with the CMRTA Al D. Capuchino Scholarship. Al Capuchino, City Auditor and long time City of Carlsbad Representative, embodied the very CMRTA ideology. With his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise, Al Capuchino was an original CMRTA Mentor.

The Al Capuchino Annual Merit Scholarship is to recognize a representative who has provided extraordinary service to the CMRTA. The scholarship award is not to exceed $800 and is designated for reimbursable CMRTA annual conference expenses including registration, travel, lodging, and for any meal while attending the conference not included in full conference package or provided by lodging accommodation. Reimbursement will be made at or after the conference by the State President / Treasurer upon proof of reimbursable cost.

The State Board will select a recipient from nominations received from Division Boards. The selected nominee will be from a Division located opposite to the site of the annual conference. When the conference is in the North, the scholarship will be awarded to a Southern Division and vice versa the following year. Any non State or Division Board Member is eligible for nomination. The Division Boards will submit qualified nominations to State Board for selection and final award. One Scholarship may be awarded per year. The nominee should be a representative whose City will not be sending him/her to the Conference in the current year.

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