Legislation Update Series

Fran Mancia will kick off this series with a legislative update from Sacramento.

For only $50 you will have access to the four part legislation series from April 1, 2021 through June 22, 2021, plus a special keynote from motivational speaker Jeremiah Dane on April 13, 2021

The sessions will be recorded and will be available to those who have registered.



APRIL 1, 2021
Sacramento & Federal Update
Federal Stimulus & what it means for Cities:
How much will your City receive and how can it be used.
How are revenues looking for the state and locals?
What are the main legislative priorities so far?
Key current issue discussion.
Speaker: Fran Mancia

APRIL 13, 2021
Keynote: Having a Positive Mindset
Speaker: Jeremiah Dane, Motivational Speaker

APRIL 27, 2021
How are things different in the Capitol during the pandemic?
How do locals best advocate during these unusual times?
Update on the latest state legislation and committee activity.
Discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic and impacts to local governments.
How does vaccine distribution and the pandemic effect local economies.
Speaker: Fran Mancia

MAY 25, 2021
Legislative update
A session on Cannabis Policy: What does the future of cannabis look like in our communities?
What are the impacts for local government?
Speaker: Amy Jenkins Lobbyist Precision Advocacy (Cannabis industry lobbyist) and Fran Mancia

JUNE 22, 2021
Legislative update
Going into the final stretch of session. What is the latest?
League of California Cities Lobbyist will share his perspectives on issues for locals.
Speaker: Nick Romo and Fran Mancia

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