In This Issue...

Membership Renewals

Renewal invoices were emailed out December 1st. If you need to make a change please contact: [email protected]

Special Meeting

Thank you all for voting. The results showed all items passed with a 2/3 majority. 

Website Update

Over the past couple of months you may have noticed some updates to our website. We now have a free webinar section, legislation updates page, and new resources tab to name a few. We are trying to freshen the site up with pictures from conferences and meetings. If you have any pictures you would like to see uploaded and featured throughout the site please email those to [email protected]

The More You Know...

Did you know the CMRTA website has all the Division 4 hosted webinars available on demand? Check it out: Free Webinars

It's also never to late to become a Certified Revenue Officer. For more information visit the CRO page on our website: CRO Program

Legislative updates provided by Associate Members: Legislation Updates

California Municipal Revenue & Tax Association