Before the Conference:
Check the schedule and plan which presentations and events you want to attend.
Pack essential items like a light jacket, snacks, and business cards.
Prepare a concise elevator pitch about your skills and experience.
Research associate members, their websites, and job postings.

During the Conference:
Attend the Associate Mixer, a favorite event.
Arrive early to presentations and workshops to secure a seat.
Make time for networking to connect with professionals in your industry.
Set goals, focus on key individuals, attend relevant sessions, and take breaks when needed. Find an accountability buddy for networking and companionship.

After the Conference:
Explore the local area and connect with colleagues.
Review your notes at your own pace.
Follow up with the people you met, using their contact information.
Take time to rest and recharge.
Start planning for next year's conference, including proposing your own projects and topics to present. Advocate for attending the conference with your organization's leaders.